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• The Yellow Wallpaper opens with the musings of an unnamed woman. She, her husband John, their newborn baby, and her sister-in-law have rented a summerhouse. The narrator is suffering from postpartum depression, and the summerhouse will function as a place for her to get better.

• The doctor has prescribed a rest cure of quiet and solitude with an emphasis on avoiding any form of mental stimulation like reading or writing.

• Following the doctor's strict orders, the husband forbids his wife from doing any type of work and does not allow her to see her baby. The narrator believes that work, excitement, and change would do her good, but her opinion does not matter.

• The unnamed narrator secretly keeps a journal, which is the short story The Yellow Wallpaper.

• With very little to do, the woman is left to contemplate the ugly yellow wallpaper in the...

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