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Short Answer Questions

1. Before Quintana became ill, where had she and her husband planned to spend Christmas night and a few days?

2. When did Joan first notice what she called the "vortex" effect?

3. When John's funeral took place, how many months had it been since Quintana's wedding?

4. Where did Quintana get the Canyon Ranch T-shirt that John usually wore when he went walking?

5. How old were Joan and her brother when her mother was dying?

Short Essay Questions

1. What promise did Joan make to Quintana that she realized that she would not be able to keep and why?

2. How did Joan describe people who recently lost someone?

3. Why was John depressed in 2003?

4. What were the first words that Joan wrote after her husband's death?

5. Why did Joan write "The Year of Magical Thinking"?

6. Why on most surface levels did Joan seem rational?

7. Why did a woman that Joan worked with at "Vogue" have an abortion that was paid for by the attorney general's office?

8. What did Freud say about grief?

9. What expensive drug was Quintana given when she developed sepsis?

10. What one object did Sara Mankiewicz remove from her house when John and Joan rented it and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Quintana was transferred to the Rusk Institute, Joan said that she was able to mourn and not merely grieve. Compare grief and mourning, using examples from the book to support your discussion.

Essay Topic 2

After trying to cover the Democratic convention, Joan believed that there was no place she could go and not be reminded of John. Discuss her statement and provide examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast why some people have difficulty authorizing autopsies and why Joan did not struggle with approving an autopsy. Give examples of Joan's experience from the book.

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