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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did John take Quintana so Joan could finish her first column for "Life"?
(a) Honolulu Zoo.
(b) Waikiki Aquarium.
(c) Out to eat.
(d) A playground.

2. Where was John's cardiologist when John died?
(a) Cape Cod.
(b) Martha's Vineyard.
(c) Nantucket.
(d) Boston.

3. When were the 2004 Academy Awards held?
(a) March 11.
(b) March 4.
(c) February 29.
(d) February 18.

4. What did Quintana wear to her wedding?
(a) A long white dress.
(b) A short white dress.
(c) A pink suit.
(d) A short cream colored dress.

5. How much did the drug cost that Quintana was given to treat her sepsis?
(a) $17,000.
(b) $7,500.
(c) $20,000.
(d) $5,600.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Quintana's best friend from California?

2. How many times did Joan have to repeat the story of how John died to Quintana?

3. When was "Mourning and Its Relation to Manic-Depressive States" written?

4. What did Quintana put up her nose twice in two days when she was little?

5. What book did Joan buy, but have difficult deciphering the language?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did John look like when Joan saw him in the emergency room?

2. How did Joan describe people who recently lost someone?

3. What happened when Gerry and Quintana arrived in California?

4. What was Joan's first column like that she wrote for "Life"?

5. What one object did Sara Mankiewicz remove from her house when John and Joan rented it and why?

6. Why was Quintanna, Joan's and John's daughter in the hospital, when her father died?

7. What incidents indicated that Joan was not thinking clearly?

8. During her reading, what did Joan learn were some means that were used to test a patient's memory and comprehension?

9. Why were Joan and John evicted from their house on the Palos Verdes Peninsula?

10. How did John, Joan, Gerry and Quintana spend Thanksgiving 2003?

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