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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did John take Quintana so Joan could finish her first column for "Life"?
(a) Honolulu Zoo.
(b) A playground.
(c) Waikiki Aquarium.
(d) Out to eat.

2. When did Joan interview Teresa Heinz Kerry?
(a) Shortly after her daughter's death.
(b) During the 2000 campaign.
(c) Shortly after her husband's death.
(d) During the 2004 campaign.

3. What radio station did Joan listen to when she lived in California?
(a) KELT.
(b) KYIX.
(c) KNZR.
(d) KRLA.

4. What book did Joan buy, but have difficult deciphering the language?
(a) Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases.
(b) The Clinical Practice of Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing.
(c) Clinical Neuroanatomy.
(d) High-Yield Neuroanatomy.

5. How old was Quintana when Joan wrote a book that told about a woman whose abortion was paid for by the district attorney's office?
(a) 3 years old
(b) 4 years old.
(c) 5 years old.
(d) 2 years old.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times did Joan have to repeat the story of how John died to Quintana?

2. When did John have a pacemaker implanted?

3. When Quintana was in the ICU at UCLA, what program did Joan listen to on the radio?

4. When did an author write "Mourning and Melancholia"?

5. Quintana was a patient at Beth Israel Medical Center's Singer Division, when did that hospital close?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did friends and relatives help Joan in the first three weeks after John died?

2. How did John, Joan, Gerry and Quintana spend Thanksgiving 2003?

3. Why were Joan and John evicted from their house on the Palos Verdes Peninsula?

4. What did John do before he and Joan ate dinner the night of December 30?

5. Describe John's funeral.

6. Why did a woman that Joan worked with at "Vogue" have an abortion that was paid for by the attorney general's office?

7. Why was John depressed in 2003?

8. What happened when Gerry and Quintana arrived in California?

9. During her reading, what did Joan learn were some means that were used to test a patient's memory and comprehension?

10. How did Joan describe people who recently lost someone?

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