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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the funeral for John held?
(a) Church of St. Anthony of Padua.
(b) Church of Christ the King.
(c) Cathedral of St. John the Divine.
(d) Church of St. Augustine.

2. What was Joan watching when she first noticed the vortex effect?
(a) Ice floes.
(b) Snow.
(c) Icicles dripping.
(d) Rain.

3. After Teresa Heinz Kerry's first husband died, where did she feel a need to go?
(a) Pittsburgh.
(b) Washington.
(c) Boston.
(d) Trenton.

4. How did John's father die?
(a) A construction accident.
(b) A car accident.
(c) Cardiac arrest.
(d) A stroke.

5. How old was Joan's mother when she was near death?
(a) 78 years old.
(b) 84 years old.
(c) 96 years old.
(d) 90 years old.

6. When did Joan interview Teresa Heinz Kerry?
(a) Shortly after her daughter's death.
(b) During the 2004 campaign.
(c) Shortly after her husband's death.
(d) During the 2000 campaign.

7. What color were John's eyes?
(a) Hazel.
(b) Blue.
(c) Gray.
(d) Brown.

8. When did John and Joan visit the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's office?
(a) 1987 or 1988.
(b) 1990 or 1991.
(c) 1985 or 1986.
(d) 1979 or 1980.

9. Which drug company manufactured the drug that Quintana was given to treat sepsis?
(a) Pfizer.
(b) Roche.
(c) GlaxoSmithKline.
(d) Eli Lilly.

10. When did John have his last cardioversion?
(a) March 2003.
(b) July 2003.
(c) January 2003.
(d) April 2003.

11. How long were the paramedics in Joan's apartment?
(a) 65 minutes.
(b) 45 minutes.
(c) 70 minutes.
(d) 50 minutes.

12. When did Joan first notice what she called the "vortex" effect?
(a) February.
(b) March
(c) January.
(d) December.

13. What did Joan wear to her wedding?
(a) A cream colored dress.
(b) A short white silk dress.
(c) A white suit.
(d) A long white dress.

14. What illness sent Quintana to the emergency room in December 2003?
(a) Bronchitis.
(b) Flu.
(c) Strep throat.
(d) Pneumonia.

15. What book did Joan read that made her realize the significance of things she was told about Quintana's condition in California?
(a) How We Die.
(b) The Art of Aging.
(c) The Soul of Medicine.
(d) How We Live.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the date on the computer file that contained the first few lines that Joan wrote after her husband's death?

2. Where was John's cardiologist when John died?

3. What time did the paramedics arrive at Joan's apartment building?

4. How many paramedics did Joan think came when she called for an ambulance?

5. When were the 2004 Academy Awards held?

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