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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What anticoagulant was John taking?
(a) Batroxobin.
(b) Coumadin.
(c) Argatroban.
(d) Heparin.

2. What book did John place at the top of the pile of books near his reading chair?
(a) Troublesome Young Men.
(b) Best Little Stories of Winston Churchill.
(c) Five Days in London: May 1940.
(d) Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War.

3. What type of drink did Joan get John when they came from visiting Quintana?
(a) Scotch.
(b) Vodka.
(c) Rum.
(d) Martini.

4. Who wrote "A Grief Observed"?
(a) C.S. Lewis.
(b) H. Norman Wright.
(c) Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.
(d) Martha Whitmore.

5. When was the last time that Joan covered a convention at Madison Square Garden?
(a) 1988.
(b) 1992.
(c) 1996.
(d) 1984.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the date when Quintana was told her father died?

2. How many nights had Quintana spent in the hospital between December 2003 and January 2004?

3. Which drug company manufactured the drug that Quintana was given to treat sepsis?

4. How many cases of sudden death from cardiac arrest typically occurred at home?

5. When Joan woke up at 3:30 one morning, what channel was the television set to?

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