Objects & Places from The Wrong Case: A Novel

James Crumley
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This object kills a ten-year-old's father.

Shuffleboard and Jukebox

These objects are stored in the corner of Mahoney's bar.

Office Bottle

This object is kept in an office in order to release tension.

Office Safe

This object is located in Milo's office and is considered an antique.


This object is bought from a charity shop after its owner dies.

Great Northern Hotel

This place burns down about the same time Raymond Duffy goes missing.

Holy Light Hog Farm

This place is where hippies and runaways find refuge.

Willomot Hill Bar

This place is where Raymond Duffy overdoses on heroin.

Riverfront Motor Inn

This place is believed to be a front for a mob organization.

Milodragovitch Building

This place is one that is owned by Milo's grandfather.

Milodragovitch Park

This place is donated and becomes a park that is created by the city.


This place contains...

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