Daily Lessons for Teaching The Wrong Case: A Novel

James Crumley
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


Chapters 1-2

Character descriptions are heavily used in "Chapter 1" when Milo and Helen are introduced to readers. The objective of this lesson is to learn the usage of character descriptions and the role they play in the story.


1) Class Discussion: Helen is heavily described in "Chapter 1" when she goes to Milo's office. How is Helen described? Why are these descriptions important to the story? Why is it important that Helen's physical looks are described?

2) Partner Discussion: Milo's job is described in "Chapter 1" in order to show readers his potential role in the story. Why is the description of Milo's job important? What other descriptions of Milo could be of importance?

3) Journal Writing: Write a paragraph or two in a journal responding to the following. Milo is noted as having a drink while watching an accident take place outside his office window. What does this description...

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