The Wrong Case: A Novel Character Descriptions

James Crumley
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Milton 'Milo' Chester Milodragovitch

This character spends most of his time drinking before following the case of a potential murder victim.

Helen Duffy

This character is highly educated and seeks help in order to find her missing brother.

Raymond Duffy

This character goes missing when working on an article about a famous outlaw.

Simon Rome

This person becomes an alcoholic after becoming disillusioned with the legal system.

Lieutenant Jamison

This character works as an officer with the sheriffs department and is married to a friend's first wife.

Dick Diamond

This character is a professor who works at the local university and engages in an on-again, off-again love affair.

Lawrence Reese

This character is an ex-con who is considered a freak.

Nickie DeGrumo

This character runs a successful motel business with the help of the mob.


This character is known as a drunk and hires a detective friend...

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