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Short Answer Questions

1. What book was Dillard working on in Roanoke, Virginia?

2. When a writer is stuck while writing a book, what does Dillard think he should do?

3. Which religious sect did Dillard read about in the Virginia library?

4. What sport did Dillard play with a boys' music camp?

5. According to Dillard, what kind of life is a life of sensation?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dillard describes the scenes from her desk at the library in Virginia. Why does she say these scenes are detrimental to her work?

2. Describe the inside of Dillard's study on Cape Cod.

3. Why does Dillard believe that putting together a book is interesting and exhilarating?

4. What analogy does Dillard use to explain how a book leads its writer on?

5. Why does Dillard feel that an appealing workplace for a writer should be avoided?

6. How does Dillard describe the way in which a writer might start the process of writing a book?

7. When Dillard was working in the library at night, how did she find her way around in the dark?

8. What is the most appealing schedule that Dillard says she knows?

9. Why did the inchworm in Dillard's story keep asking itself, "What! No further"?

10. In Chapter 1, what does Dillard say she thinks of as the usual reasons for an author getting stuck in a book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the overall theme of Chapter 1? Give examples to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

In working-class France, when an apprentice was hurt, the more experienced worker told him that "it is the trade entering his body." What is meant by this statement? How can art or creativity enter the body? How must a writer accommodate herself to the writing?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the vision of what a projected work of art is, whether it be writing or painting. How does the vision lead one to a finished product?

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