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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who or what will teach someone to write, according to Dillard in Chapter 3?
(a) A fellow writer.
(b) The author.
(c) The blank page.
(d) Opacity.

2. What, according to Dillard, is the life expectancy of a crop-duster pilot?
(a) Twenty years.
(b) Ten years.
(c) Fifty years.
(d) Five years.

3. What did Rahm do for a living?
(a) He was a professional airline pilot.
(b) He was a stunt pilot.
(c) He was a high school teacher.
(d) He was a geologist.

4. How do Tibetan lamas keep from floating away, as described in Chapter 5?
(a) They wear chains.
(b) They swim with the current.
(c) The meditate towards the destination.
(d) They walk very slowly.

5. When a writer is stuck while writing a book, what does Dillard think he should do?
(a) Read books that are similar.
(b) Write, no matter what.
(c) Nothing but think about it.
(d) Do crosswords to stimulate the brain.

Short Answer Questions

1. A month after Dillard flew with Rahm, what did she witness in Bellingham?

2. What event did Dillard attend in 1975, in Chapter 7?

3. Who did Dillard get a visit from in Chapter 3 that was eye-awakening for her?

4. Why did Dillard momentarily feel she must quit writing in Chapter 3?

5. What was the only thing Rahm told Dillard about his flying?

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