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Chapter 1

1. Dillard refers to writing as changing "..from an expression of your notions to an epistemological tool." What does epistemological mean?
(a) A philosophy concerned with the nature and origin of knowledge.
(b) Bacterial DNA that is extrachromosomal.
(c) Surgical incision of the perineum during childbirth.
(d) Greek knowledge.

2. What does Dillard compare writing to in the first paragraph of the book?
(a) A path to pick through.
(b) Laying out a line of words.
(c) An ordeal to be probed.
(d) A dead end.

3. As explained by Dillard in Chapter 1, what must be done to a piece of writing after the first draft is finished?
(a) It must be mercilessly edited.
(b) You must strike it with a hammer.
(c) Nothing; it is done.
(d) Delete just a few sentences.

4. Oftentimes, what part of Dillard's work must be edited out?
(a) The best-written part.
(b) The opening paragraph.
(c) The typos and misspellings.
(d) The dialogue.

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