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What's My Line?

Lay out a line of words, at least one sentence long. Trade that line with another student and follow the line given you to write a story.

Throw Away Words

Write a personal essay or short story. When done, delete the first two paragraphs and begin again. Has your story changed? Are your insights different now?

Write an Analogy

Dillard uses many analogies in Chapter 1 alone. Write your own analogy for having writer's block.

Draw a Workplace

Draw a perfect workplace for a writer, using the book as a guide.

Draw Your Scenery

Draw the scenery outside the window where you work the most. Include the window frame in the drawing. Decide whether hanging this on top of your window covering would help you concentrate better.

Write A Poem

Write a poem to describe all the distractions you devise to keep you from your work...

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