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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The colonial power treats the natives as what?
(a) Savages
(b) Sons
(c) Royalty
(d) Employers

2. As the rebellion energizes the natives, they have to find new forms of what type of expression?
(a) Cultural
(b) Economic
(c) Repressive
(d) Governmental

3. Why does the national party begin to disintegrate?
(a) It is cut off from the people
(b) It becomes too much like the colonial power
(c) The colonial power forces it to
(d) It is no longer needed

4. Colonialism has infused the native culture with what?
(a) Distrust of anything new
(b) Fear of the past
(c) The culture of the colonial country
(d) The culture of other native groups

5. Fanon suggests that the post-colonial government needs to be most concerned with what?
(a) Its own profit
(b) Reducing crime
(c) Perpetuating the nation
(d) The empowerment of its citizens

6. Which of the following is a former French colony?
(a) Australia
(b) Congo
(c) Senegal
(d) South Africa

7. The political education of the masses must raise awareness of what?
(a) The colonial power
(b) The equality in the nation
(c) The corruption in the nation
(d) That the future is their own

8. The re-discovery of the indigenous culture helps reclaim what?
(a) Colonial knowledge
(b) Basic human dignity
(c) Wealth for the native
(d) Technology advances

9. The rediscovered native culture is often what?
(a) Boisterous
(b) Dead
(c) Peaceful
(d) Subtle

10. The reaching out of native intellectuals toward the native culture is an attempt to find what?
(a) Stability
(b) Wealth
(c) Violent revolution
(d) Colonial heritage

11. What is it important for those who are about to throw off colonialism to realize?
(a) Their forbears gave up in the fight
(b) The colonial power will regroup and be back
(c) The colonial power will never be fully defeated
(d) Their forbears did the best they could to resist colonialism

12. Colonialism's practice of putting all black people into a single category attempts to extinguish what?
(a) Their hope
(b) Their repression
(c) Their individuality
(d) Their country

13. What word does not describe the rediscovered native culture?
(a) Rash
(b) Colorful
(c) Serene
(d) Violent in expression

14. The search for an authentic Arab identify found its political articulation in what?
(a) The Arab League
(b) The European Union
(c) OPAC
(d) The UN

15. The government in Algeria expects people to work hard so who will profit?
(a) The country
(b) The colonial power
(c) The bourgeoisie
(d) The intellectual elites

Short Answer Questions

1. The leader seeks to consolidate his power in what?

2. Fanon argues that the involvement of the people will do what to the movement?

3. The conflicts in the country may cause the manifestations of what?

4. The farm workers come to know the value of what?

5. The Arab world threw off which culture in the 1960s?

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