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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Fanon believe that they should live in this location?
(a) To give in to the colonialists
(b) To protect themselves
(c) To stay in touch with the people
(d) To make the most money

2. What type of music was a reaction to colonialism after WWII?
(a) Be-bop
(b) Classical
(c) Rock
(d) Country

3. The colonial power treats the natives as what?
(a) Savages
(b) Sons
(c) Employers
(d) Royalty

4. The true native art begins to grow when the artist address whom?
(a) The bourgeoisie
(b) His own people
(c) The colonial society
(d) The intellectual elites

5. American blacks discovered that culture is what type of phenomenon?
(a) Global
(b) Individual
(c) Continental
(d) National

6. The re-discovery of the indigenous culture helps reclaim what?
(a) Colonial knowledge
(b) Technology advances
(c) Basic human dignity
(d) Wealth for the native

7. The search for an authentic Arab identify found its political articulation in what?
(a) The European Union
(b) OPAC
(c) The Arab League
(d) The UN

8. An artistic renaissance often must be preceded by what?
(a) Research into the pre-existing native culture
(b) Abandoning the old way of doing things
(c) Permission from the colonialists
(d) Burying the past

9. Colonialism's practice of putting all black people into a single category attempts to extinguish what?
(a) Their country
(b) Their individuality
(c) Their repression
(d) Their hope

10. The Arab world threw off which culture in the 1960s?
(a) Southern culture
(b) Eastern culture
(c) Russian culture
(d) Western culture

11. As the movement progresses, national consciousness begins to fall prey to what?
(a) Loyalty to the colonialists
(b) Demands from other countries
(c) Selfishness
(d) Regional and tribal interests

12. The resuscitation of the native culture helps to rekindle what?
(a) Wealth
(b) Hope
(c) Poverty
(d) Apathy

13. What does the middle class demand from the farm workers?
(a) More revolutionary feelings
(b) More work and output
(c) More sacrifice for the nation
(d) More dedication to the colonial power

14. Where should the new government be seated?
(a) The largest city
(b) A small city
(c) In the colonial nation
(d) The country

15. The awareness of an earlier native culture helps justify the struggle for what?
(a) Wealth
(b) To be a colonial power
(c) Repression
(d) Independence

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon proposes that programs and services for youth be attached to what department?

2. The authentic artist hopes to create something of value for whom?

3. When farmland in Algeria was turned over to farm workers, how much did the output increase?

4. Colonialism has infused the native culture with what?

5. Why does the national party begin to disintegrate?

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