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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, On National Culture.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When farmland in Algeria was turned over to farm workers, how much did the output increase?
(a) Doubled
(b) Tripled
(c) It stayed the same
(d) It decreased by ten percent

2. What remains after colonialism ends?
(a) The disparities of wealth
(b) Revolutionary violence
(c) National unity and equality
(d) Loyalty to the colonial power

3. As the rebellion energizes the natives, they have to find new forms of what type of expression?
(a) Governmental
(b) Cultural
(c) Repressive
(d) Economic

4. What the former colonized groups have in common is overshadowed by different what?
(a) Distances
(b) Political goals
(c) Socioeconomic statuses
(d) Types of exploitation

5. The authentic artists who wants to create something for his countrymen learns the importance of what?
(a) Wealth
(b) Collaboration
(c) Dependence
(d) Individualism

Short Answer Questions

1. Fanon suggests that rural peasants may resent whom?

2. Fanon argues that the successful movement has to move from slogans to what?

3. In the third phase of the rediscovery of native culture, the native artists attempts to do what?

4. Rebel political movements make a mistake by turning first to whom, according to Fanon?

5. Fanon suggests that blacks across the globe are seeking what?

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