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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Colonial War and Mental Disorders.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which major nations recognized the importance of peace during the Cold War?
(a) Iran and Iraq
(b) The United States and Russia
(c) The United States and Korea
(d) France and Algeria

2. Fanon suggests that rural peasants may resent whom?
(a) Other rural peasants
(b) Revolutionaries
(c) Those in their communities
(d) Those who fled to the cities

3. Fanon argues that decolonization is always what type of struggle?
(a) Violent
(b) Futile
(c) Profitable
(d) Peaceful

4. In indulging in the "fraternal bloodbath," the native distracts itself from confronting what?
(a) The futility of the situation
(b) The colonialist powers
(c) The effects of colonization
(d) Their own inferiority

5. Torture was used in Algeria to get what?
(a) Slaves
(b) Loyalty
(c) Information
(d) Land

Short Answer Questions

1. The mass killings of natives by settlers happen because of what?

2. Fanon argues that the national unity may disintegrate into what type of conflicts?

3. Who was the colonial power in Angola?

4. In what country did Belgian colonialist military forces remove rural youths from the cities in 1957?

5. Fanon argues that colonial society is what?

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