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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Colonial War and Mental Disorders.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What remains after colonialism ends?
(a) Loyalty to the colonial power
(b) The disparities of wealth
(c) Revolutionary violence
(d) National unity and equality

2. What did the two boys ask Fanon?
(a) Why the Europeans were torturing each other
(b) Why no Europeans were ever in Algerian jails
(c) Why Algerians were going to France
(d) If they could leave prison

3. The native finds that who tries to resist and block reform?
(a) The workers
(b) Those in rural areas
(c) Simple folk
(d) The intellectual elite

4. Fanon argues that the suppressed anger of the natives will turn to what?
(a) Traditional religions
(b) Acceptance
(c) Mass migration
(d) Violence

5. In the third phase of the rediscovery of native culture, the native artists attempts to do what?
(a) Emmigrate from the country
(b) Use the colonial culture
(c) Have others abandon the native culture
(d) Rouse others to fight the enemy

Short Answer Questions

1. Where should the new government be seated?

2. A 1947 rebellion by rural peasants occurred where?

3. In the colonial society, who holds the power?

4. Fanon argues that the post-colonial middle class identifies too closely with what group?

5. Torture was used in Algeria to get what?

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