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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Colonial War and Mental Disorders.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Political parties may be inexperienced at organizing what?
(a) Ubran areas
(b) Suburbs
(c) Inner cities
(d) Rural areas

2. In the post-colonial world, citizens should be less concerned with royalty and more concerned with what, according to Fanon?
(a) Fashion
(b) Equality
(c) Repression
(d) Trends

3. In the building of the new democracy, no one will be able to escape what?
(a) Leisure
(b) Corruption
(c) Responsibility
(d) Wealth

4. How does Fanon's work on the psychiatric casualties of warfare differ from other work in this area?
(a) Fanon finds psychiatric problems while other studies have not
(b) Fanon cannot study torture in his study
(c) Fanon's focuses on colonialism and rebellion
(d) Fanon's takes place during the two World Wars

5. What does the middle class seek at any cost to avoid?
(a) Risks
(b) Wealth
(c) Exploitation
(d) Injustice

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the rural peasants feel about being bypassed at first?

2. In the period before the armed violence, the natives' what is pushed beyond their ability to cope?

3. The search for an authentic Arab identify found its political articulation in what?

4. What type of music was a reaction to colonialism after WWII?

5. Fanon suggests that the post-colonial government needs to be most concerned with what?

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