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Huston Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the real idea behind the three Taoist senses?
(a) To lose something, to find something, and to forget something
(b) To work something out, to expose something, and to define something
(c) To be something, to know something, and to be able to do something
(d) To have something, to make something, and to learn something

2. What did the Buddha write during his lifetime?
(a) The Vidas
(b) Nothing
(c) The Buddhist Bible
(d) The Sangha

3. What is the follower of wu wei said to be able to do?
(a) Speak without speaking
(b) Dream without dreaming
(c) Work without working
(d) Think without thinking

4. How might the rise of Buddhism be compared to the Protestant Reformation?
(a) It started by Siddhartha nailing theses to a temple door.
(b) It started as a rebellion against a human head of religion.
(c) It was a reaction to the excesses of the Hinduism of the day.
(d) It started because people could not read.

5. What is the objective of philosophical Taoism?
(a) Figuring out the complexities of living
(b) Making something useful for all humanity
(c) Quietude that is expressed as pure effectiveness in simplicity
(d) Reasoning things out by questions and answers

6. Why did Confucius earn the title of First Teacher?
(a) Because no one had ever been a teacher before
(b) Because of his prominence in China as a teacher
(c) Because he was first a teacher and then a politician
(d) Because he taught the Emperor

7. What is the Hindu concept of galaxies of finer or courser natures?
(a) These are illusions with which man must deal.
(b) These are other life forms in the universe.
(c) These are obstacles to be reasoned out.
(d) These are paths the spirit travels in quest of God.

8. What was transformed into the diamond scepter of Buddhism?
(a) The temporal and spiritual authority of the Dalai Lama
(b) Mandalas which offer visual icons
(c) Converting sounds into holy formulas
(d) The thunderbolt of Indra

9. What did Confucius believe about the authority of rulers?
(a) It must be earned.
(b) It is a necessary part of living.
(c) It comes through the bloodlines.
(d) It can only be maintained by force.

10. What is the problem of explaining nirvana?
(a) It has multiple meanings.
(b) It can only been reached after death.
(c) It is an untranslatable word.
(d) To the unenlightened mind, it is vague.

11. What did Confucius propose as a better way for society?
(a) Redirect thinking into a conscious reorientation of traditional behaviors
(b) Form political parties to work out differences
(c) Reinstate the Chou Dynasty and go back to the way things were
(d) Forget old traditions and create new ones

12. What is the Hindu attitude toward other religions?
(a) They are misguided.
(b) They are alternate paths toward the same goal.
(c) They will one day turn to Hinduism.
(d) They are headed for different ends.

13. What is the result of seeking wealth, fame, and power?
(a) Competition, which is always precarious
(b) A lifetime of hard work
(c) Either celebrity or noteriety
(d) More failure than success

14. What is the Zen koan?
(a) Problems like the classic "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
(b) Private consultation with a master
(c) Sitting in meditation for long hours
(d) The elaborate tea ceremony with its slow and graceful movements

15. Where was Siddhartha sitting as he gained enlightenment?
(a) On the banks of the Ganges.
(b) In a Hindu temple.
(c) On a royal throne.
(d) Under the bo tree.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the conflicting idea of Mohism during Confucius' time?

2. What is the tanha?

3. What is it that Taoists reject?

4. What form of Buddhism flourishes in Japan?

5. What does the first signpost of the Path of Renunciation which reads "the community" offer the individual?

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