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Huston Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the Taoist church devise a way of harnessing higher power for human benefit?
(a) By opening schools for magicians
(b) By perfecting astrology
(c) By assuming the reality of magical intervention
(d) By organizing religious retreats

2. What is the main departure of Tibetan Buddhism?
(a) No begging for food
(b) It enables achieving nirvana within a single lifetime.
(c) Doing away with monks' robes
(d) Prayer wheels and magic bells

3. What did the Buddha think about religious rituals?
(a) He invented new ones for his day.
(b) He ridiculed rites as mere superstitions.
(c) He thought they had been neglected.
(d) He taught they were necessary exercises.

4. Who profits most from raja yoga?
(a) Those who have not achieved mental clarity
(b) Those of royal lineage
(c) Those who visit ashrams
(d) Those with a scientific bent

5. What do (1) the brahmin, or seer; (2) the kshatriya, or administrator; (3) the vaishya, or producer; and (4) the shudra, or servant represent?
(a) The levels of education
(b) The highest forms of yoga
(c) The divisions of monks
(d) The stations of life

6. What is the idea of the spirit in Hinduism?
(a) It is the exclusive property of the body.
(b) It dies with the body that houses it.
(c) The spirit is eternal and changes its habitation when it outgrows an old one.
(d) It does not exist apart from the mind.

7. What is the result of seeking wealth, fame, and power?
(a) Either celebrity or noteriety
(b) A lifetime of hard work
(c) More failure than success
(d) Competition, which is always precarious

8. What historical event occurred just as Confucius began teaching?
(a) The collapse of the Chou Dynasty
(b) The Peloponnesian War
(c) The birth of Mohammed
(d) The arrival of Marco Polo

9. What type of yoga approaches religion on the basis of work?
(a) Atman yoga
(b) Sannyasin yoga
(c) Raja yoga
(d) Karma yoga

10. How does Confucianism conflict with the yogi idea of finding God?
(a) Confucius believed that it takes two or three people meditating together to find God.
(b) Confucius put the individual squarely in the middle of human contact to perfect a social order.
(c) Confucius taught that only through self analysis could one ever find God.
(d) Confucius said finding God was impossible unless one became a hermit.

11. What was Confucius' idea about art?
(a) He taught that philosophy was superior to art.
(b) He believed that art put false illusions in people's minds.
(c) He thought that art was a complete waste of time and effort.
(d) He believed that poetry stimulated the mind and music aroused the spirit.

12. What is the viewpoint of the Theravada Buddhist?
(a) It teaches that only monks can reach enlightenment.
(b) It insists that the path to enlightenment is up to the individual.
(c) It proposes a collective attempt to reach nirvana.
(d) It denies the idea of reincarnation.

13. What is the Zen koan?
(a) Problems like the classic "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
(b) Sitting in meditation for long hours
(c) Private consultation with a master
(d) The elaborate tea ceremony with its slow and graceful movements

14. What is the Taoist outlook on good and evil?
(a) They are representations of heaven and earth.
(b) They are one and the same thing.
(c) They are not opposites but revolve around each other.
(d) They have nothing to do with yin/yang.

15. What is the Chinese concept of ch'i?
(a) Herbal tea remedies
(b) Vital energy
(c) Clearing the mind
(d) Spirituality

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Confucius earn the title of First Teacher?

2. What is the ultimate reality of Taoism?

3. What is the tanha?

4. How is the idea of heaven and earth viewed in Confucianism?

5. What are the Hindu stages of life?

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