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Huston Smith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What appears to be a contradiction in Taoist thought?
(a) The ideas of reality and the supernatural
(b) The idea of teaching the unteachable
(c) The earthly versus the esoteric
(d) The three different senses

2. What type of yoga approaches religion on the basis of work?
(a) Karma yoga
(b) Atman yoga
(c) Raja yoga
(d) Sannyasin yoga

3. What is the central characteristic of the Sikh?
(a) The Sikh seeks unity with God through money.
(b) The Sikh seeks unity with God through self denial.
(c) The Sikh seeks unity with God through hard work.
(d) The Sikh seeks unity with God through love.

4. How might the rise of Buddhism be compared to the Protestant Reformation?
(a) It started because people could not read.
(b) It started by Siddhartha nailing theses to a temple door.
(c) It was a reaction to the excesses of the Hinduism of the day.
(d) It started as a rebellion against a human head of religion.

5. What is the irony of Buddhism and India?
(a) Buddhism never flourished in India.
(b) Buddhism flourishes all over Asia except in India where Buddhism was born.
(c) Buddhism replaced the centuries old practice of Hinduism in India.
(d) Buddhism was never understood in India.

6. What do the guidelines for right conduct in Buddhism resemble?
(a) The Pledge of Allegiance
(b) The Boy Scout Code
(c) The Ten Commandments
(d) The Bill of Rights

7. What physical exercise was developed by Taoists?
(a) The raja yoga
(b) The t'ai ch'i chuan
(c) The chin-up
(d) The kung-fu

8. What kind of people are suited to practice Jnana yoga ?
(a) Those who already know everything there is to know.
(b) Those who are too weak to do heavy exercise.
(c) Those who want to increase their circulation.
(d) Those who have a spiritual bent and are highly reflective in their thought.

9. What is the idea behind karma yoga as work?
(a) Work becomes habit which frees the mind for enjoyment.
(b) Work keeps you centered on self.
(c) You get what you work for.
(d) By concentrating on work with a kind of detachment, there is no time for selfishness.

10. How do Hindus tend to look at Sikhs?
(a) Hindus tend to look at Sikhs as morally superior.
(b) Hindus tend to look at Sikhs as beggars.
(c) Hindus tend to look at Sikhs as lost sould.
(d) Hindus tend to look at Sikhs as wayward Hindus.

11. What is the Chinese concept of ch'i?
(a) Vital energy
(b) Spirituality
(c) Clearing the mind
(d) Herbal tea remedies

12. What position did the Realists hold about society that needed harsh laws?
(a) Realists taught that good people have no self discipline.
(b) Realists taught that people are basically good so harsh laws keep them that way.
(c) Realists taught that people can only identify themselves through laws.
(d) Realists believed that people were basically bad, greedy, nasty, and brutish.

13. How does the yogi eliminate distractions of the mind during raja yoga?
(a) The yogi lies flat of his back.
(b) The yogi concentrates on reading.
(c) The yogi concentrates on one thing to the exclusion of all others.
(d) The yogi puts cotton in his ears.

14. What is the follower of wu wei said to be able to do?
(a) Speak without speaking
(b) Dream without dreaming
(c) Think without thinking
(d) Work without working

15. The two men Huston Smith regards as having the greatest impact on the world as we know it today.
(a) Napoleon and Joseph Stalin
(b) Jesus and Confucious
(c) Robert Oppenheimer and Mahatma Gandhi
(d) J. P. Morgan and Albert Einstein

Short Answer Questions

1. When does karma come into effect?

2. Where was Siddhartha sitting as he gained enlightenment?

3. What did the Buddha write during his lifetime?

4. What did the Buddha think about religious rituals?

5. What sense of Taoism has been most successfully exported to the West?

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