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Huston Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III, Buddhism, The Silent Sage, | Chapter III, Buddhism, The Rebel Saint, | Chapter III, Buddhism, The Four Noble Truths,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the Hindu stages of life?
(a) Fetus, birth, education, work
(b) Student, marriage, retirement, detachment
(c) Infant, student, career, enjoyment
(d) Birth, separation, retirement, death

2. In the caste system, who receives the greatest punishment for wrong doing?
(a) The higher the caste, the greater the punishment for a sin or crime.
(b) The lower the caste, the greater the punishment for a sin or crime.
(c) Among the working class, the greater the punishment for a sin or crime.
(d) The sin of monks, the greater the punishment for a sin or crime.

3. According to Hinduism, what are the two receptors that control the lives of humans?
(a) Those of spiritual and material matters
(b) Those of ignorance and education
(c) Those of pleasure and pain
(d) Those of suffering and vocation

4. What do (1) the brahmin, or seer; (2) the kshatriya, or administrator; (3) the vaishya, or producer; and (4) the shudra, or servant represent?
(a) The divisions of monks
(b) The stations of life
(c) The highest forms of yoga
(d) The levels of education

5. How does Hinduism see life?
(a) As a way to stay young
(b) As something to be ignored
(c) On a continuum that moves naturally through all the stages
(d) As the main source of suffering

Short Answer Questions

1. What seems to be the appeal bhakti yoga?

2. After pleasure seeking, what does Hinduism see as the next major life goal?

3. What is the central characteristic of the Sikh?

4. What is the sangha?

5. What is the result of seeking wealth, fame, and power?

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