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Huston Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III, Buddhism, The Secret of the Flower, | Chapter III, Buddhism, The Diamond Thunderbolt, | Chapter III, Buddhism, The Image of Crossing,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does karma come into effect?
(a) When the spirit has reincarnated.
(b) When the spirit resides in a cow.
(c) When the spirit is in insect form.
(d) When the spirit occupies a human form.

2. What was transformed into the diamond scepter of Buddhism?
(a) The temporal and spiritual authority of the Dalai Lama
(b) The thunderbolt of Indra
(c) Mandalas which offer visual icons
(d) Converting sounds into holy formulas

3. Who profits most from raja yoga?
(a) Those who have not achieved mental clarity
(b) Those with a scientific bent
(c) Those of royal lineage
(d) Those who visit ashrams

4. Why is the question of "is this all" relevant to Hinduism?
(a) Because Hinduism constantly demands more
(b) Because Hinduism has no beginning or ending
(c) Because it affirms that there is far more to life than satisfying pleasures.
(d) Because Hinduism fails to give the answers to life's questions.

5. According to Hinduism who has the spiritual ideas of infinite being, infinite awareness, and infinite bliss?
(a) Only philosophers can possess that information.
(b) Only the oldest gurus understand these things.
(c) Only one individual per lifetime has this knowledge.
(d) All humans already posses these things but until a certain point they remain hidden.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the first signpost of the Path of Renunciation which reads "the community" offer the individual?

2. What did the Buddha think about religious rituals?

3. How might the rise of Buddhism be compared to the Protestant Reformation?

4. What does the Hindu say would happen if the divine base of everything is removed?

5. How does the yogi eliminate distractions of the mind during raja yoga?

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