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Huston Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter III, Buddhism, The Secret of the Flower, | Chapter III, Buddhism, The Diamond Thunderbolt, | Chapter III, Buddhism, The Image of Crossing,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How might the rise of Buddhism be compared to the Protestant Reformation?
(a) It started because people could not read.
(b) It was a reaction to the excesses of the Hinduism of the day.
(c) It started by Siddhartha nailing theses to a temple door.
(d) It started as a rebellion against a human head of religion.

2. Eventually, how do Hindu minds conceive of God?
(a) The Gods transcend the anthropomorphic and become total abstractions.
(b) The Gods transcend the anthropomorphic and become statues.
(c) The Gods transcend the anthropomorphic and become animals.
(d) The Gods transcend the anthropomorphic and become constellations.

3. What is the tanha?
(a) Loosely translated, it is suffering.
(b) Loosely translated, it is human desire.
(c) Loosely translated, it is the fear of death.
(d) Loosely translated, it is religious education.

4. What does the Hindu say would happen if the divine base of everything is removed?
(a) People would be free to do as they willed.
(b) The natural world would disintegrate into nothing.
(c) Religion would die out.
(d) The stars would shift their constellations.

5. What does the first signpost of the Path of Renunciation which reads "the community" offer the individual?
(a) It offers political opportunity to gain more personal power.
(b) It offers membership in a larger family.
(c) It offers a better way to get what you want.
(d) It offers more lasting value than the self-centered desires of human nature.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the followers of the Buddha categorize his teachings?

2. What do (1) the brahmin, or seer; (2) the kshatriya, or administrator; (3) the vaishya, or producer; and (4) the shudra, or servant represent?

3. What form of Buddhism flourishes in Japan?

4. What is the main departure of Tibetan Buddhism?

5. What was the subject matter of the Buddha's first sermon?

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