The World's Religions Character Descriptions

Huston Smith
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Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha

Son of an Indian king who became disenchanted with his life of privilege and set out to find enlightenment.


The "Chinese Socrates," he came from humble beginnings but soon drew a large following because of his teachings, which strongly stressed the importance of the family in social relationships.

Lao Tzu

Credited as the originator of Taoism, his name means "the Old Boy."

Muhammad (570 A. D. -632 A. D.)

He married a wealthy widow much older than he was and sometime after that began having visions that he was the chosen messenger of Allah to bring his final message to mankind.

Jesus Christ (ca 4 A. D. to 37 A. D.)

No other living being in the history of the world had a greater impact than did this carpenter from Nazareth.


This Himalayan king learned Buddhism and took it to heart. He was responsible for...

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