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Lewis Copeland
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Domestic Affairs in the United States.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who renounced all worldliness and led a life of self-denial and religious devotion, preaching the gospel to the rich and poor?
(a) Martin Luther.
(b) St. Benard.
(c) John Calvin.
(d) St. Francis.

2. Who was a former Governor of New York that attacked religious prejudice in American politics?
(a) Alfred E. Smith.
(b) William Green.
(c) Clarence Darrow.
(d) Fiorello H. LaGuardia.

3. Which state was organized by people within a region and abandoned slavery?
(a) Iowa.
(b) Kansas.
(c) Missouri.
(d) Arkansas.

4. Who was a great speaker and debater that was opposed to The League of Nations?
(a) Eugene Victor Debs.
(b) Elihu Root.
(c) Woodrow Wilson.
(d) William Edgar Borah.

5. Who delivered the speech "Our Government" one hundred and fifty years after the first Congress of the U.S. met?
(a) Charles Evans Hughes.
(b) Herbert Hoover.
(c) Anthony Eden.
(d) Thomas Dewey.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why were unions first formed?

2. According to Cicero in "First Oration Against Catiline", who was put to death on mere suspicion?

3. Who was a radical advocate during the Reign of Terror that inspired the National Assembly and people to fight the enemies of the Revolution?

4. Who wrote that the House of Commons needed to only pay attention to "British interests"?

5. Who expressed strong admiration for Voltaire?

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