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Lewis Copeland
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through United States and the Second World War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the Republican candidate for President in 1944 and said "we have a rendezvous with destiny"?
(a) John L. Lewis.
(b) Charles Evan Hughes.
(c) Thomas E. Dewey.
(d) Herbert Hoover.

2. Who was the leader and Presidential candidate for the socialist party for many years?
(a) Harry Truman.
(b) Dorothy Thompson.
(c) Henry Wallace.
(d) Norman Thomas.

3. Who was known as the "Liberator of South America" and was a great military leader and statesman?
(a) Simon Bolivar.
(b) Poncho Villa.
(c) Cortez.
(d) Jan Smuts.

4. According to the speech "Rendezvous with Despair", what is the only answer to gloomy predictions regarding the growth of the country?
(a) A new social program.
(b) History.
(c) A new employment law.
(d) A new amendment.

5. According to the speech "Loyal Opposition", how many years was it since the Great War in Europe came to an end?
(a) 20 years.
(b) 10 years.
(c) 5 years.
(d) 22 years.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the speech, "American and the War", what is not America's noblest destiny?

2. Who renounced all worldliness and led a life of self-denial and religious devotion, preaching the gospel to the rich and poor?

3. According the the sermon "On Suffering Persecution", who holds forth to us the immortal crown?

4. According to Fulton Sheen, who said "We are becoming a warlike nation--that is to say, one endowed to a higher degree with virtues of obedience, sacrifice, and dedication to country"?

5. Who delivered the speech "Our Government" one hundred and fifty years after the first Congress of the U.S. met?

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