The World's Great Speeches Fun Activities

Lewis Copeland
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Great Speakers Match Game

Draw or print out 3" x 3" pictures of at least fifteen speakers mentioned in the book. Students will turn the cards over and try to match the people. Students also need to write a brief description about the speaker or a speech referenced in the book.

Great Orator Posters

Create a poster depicting one of the speakers mentioned in the book. For each speaker, describe the historical context of the speech as outlining the highlights of the speech.

The Tonight Show with Lewis Copeland (the author)

Create a script of a talk show or tonight show program. "Invite" three speakers from three different eras in the book to join you for the broadcast. You may dress up as your person. Your script must be as authentic as possible.

.High Tech Speech

Several speakers spent time in jail and were unable to communicate with the public...

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