The World's Great Speeches Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lewis Copeland
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Essay Topic 1

Adolf Hitler and Woodrow Wilson had differing opinions on the League of Nations. Compare and contrast Hitler's "Germany's Claims" and Wilson's "Fourteen Points" speeches.

Essay Topic 2

Washington was the first President of the United States. Washington overcame many challenges, but asked Americans to step up to other challenges in his farewell speech.

Part 1) What challenges faced early America?

Part 2 )Why did Washington state "I ought to stop" when he discussed the challenges?

Part 3) How did Washington suggest we preserve our nation?

Essay Topic 3

Stephen Douglas opposed Lincoln on slavery issues, but ultimately sided with the North when secession became a reality. Douglas posed for questions in response to Lincoln at a debate in Freeport, IL.

Part 1) Explain the first two questions Douglas asked Lincoln.

Part 2) Explain the last two questions Douglas asked Lincoln.

Part 3) In addition to the ultimate question of slavery, what were Lincoln and...

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