The World's Great Speeches Character Descriptions

Lewis Copeland
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Winston Churchill

This person was most remembered for his military career and terms as Prime Minister.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

This person, a former President, was known for his "fireside chats" that were broadcast over the radio.


This person was the author of a famed funeral oration that spoke of the need to balance words of eulogy based on what the audience expected.

Martin Luther

This person was credited for developing the teaching that became the basis of the Protestant Reformation.

Napoleon Bonaparte

This person was known as a military strategist and his speeches urged people to fight and promised rewards and glory.

Patrick Henry

This person was a great American orator who coined the phrase, "Give me liberty, or give me death" during the American Revolution.

Adolf Hitler

This person was credited for his role in increasing the membership of the Nazi Party.

Harry S. Truman


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