The World's Great Speeches Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lewis Copeland
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Greece and Rome

• Pericles delivered the "Funeral Oration" remembering the first Athenian casualties of the Peloponnesian War.

• Socrates delivered a speech responding to a death sentence for being a heretic and corrupting the youth with his teaching.

• Socrates did not blame those who sentenced him for his death.

• Isocrates wrote "To the Union of Greece to Resist Persia" stating the Persian War was the most famous in history.
• Demosthenes wrote "On the Crown" in 330 B.C.

• Demosthenes wrote "The Second Oration Against Phillip" expressing that men should not be punished, even if punishment is deserved, if it means bringing punishment on the community.

• Cato the Elder wrote about the need to repress women in "In Support of Oppian Law".
• Julius Caesar wrote that there are many examples of excellent conduct, courage and good decisions in spite of human emotions.

• Caesar was a powerful orator and military leader.

• Marc...

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