The Worldly Philosophers Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Heilbroner say in his introduction that the worldly philosophers did "quietly and inconspicuously"?

Heilbroner says economists "shattered empires and exploded continents; they buttressed and undermined political regimes; they set class against class and even nation against nation--not because they plotted mischief, but because of the extraordinary power of their ideas."

2. Why does Heilbroner find it strange that people don't know about the worldly philosophers?

Heilbroner finds it strange that people don't know much about these men; in fact, most don't even know who they are. Most people find economics to be a difficult subject better left to the experts which, in actuality, could not be further from the truth. The work of economists makes a difference in the everyday lives of the people.

3. What does Heilbroner say that economists provide?

The economists provide the intellectual architecture for everyday modern life.

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