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• Heilbroner begins the book by saying it is limited to a small number of men who did more for history than famous men did.

• These are the men that Heilbroner refers to as the Great Economists.
• Heilbroner finds it strange that people don't know much about these men; in fact, most people don't even know who they are.

• The work of economists makes a difference in the everyday lives of the people.
• Heilbroner mentions a group of nine men from different walks of life and calls them a philosopher, a madman, a cleric, a stockbroker, a revolutionary, a nobleman, an aesthete, a skeptic, and a tramp.

• Economics did not begin with Adam Smith as many think. Economic problems existed for thousands of years before Smith, even though they were not identified as economic problems.

The Economic Revolution

• Man has had to survive not only as an individual...

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