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David Adams Leeming
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Leeming say suggests a desire to escape from earthly existence?

2. What is cosmogony?

3. How do the Greeks explain the presence of winter?

4. How does Leeming define cosmology?

5. To whom does Leeming say the Egyptian god Isis corresponds in the Greek pantheon?

Short Essay Questions

1. What mythic significance does Leeming say European cathedrals have?

2. What significance does Leeming attribute to trees in myth?

3. Describe the Indian creation myth.

4. Describe the first creation myth to originate in Egypt.

5. What does Leeming say the Supreme Being represents in myths?

6. How does Leeming define the gods?

7. What does Leeming say about the importance of death and resurrection in hero stories?

8. What does Leeming say the Great Mother represents?

9. What significance does Leeming attribute to Delphi?

10. What does Leeming see places and objects as metaphors for?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What is the setting for a myth, and is this collection the proper place for keeping these myths alive? Does a myth require a ceremonial, ritual, or religious setting, or a certain storytelling environment, or is a myth no matter where it is told or recorded. How much is a myth dependent on the circumstances of its telling? Is a myth different when it is analyzed than it is when it is told as a story in response to events of a question?

Essay Topic 2

How useful is the term monomyth for the study of myth? How useful is it for analyzing a particular myth? Analyze a myth of your choice by relating it to its underlying monomyth, and discuss the benefits and limitations of the term "monomyth" as an analytical tool. How useful is it?

Essay Topic 3

Leeming discusses the myths of a number of major cultures: Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hebraic, Christian, Norse, and Native American. Based on what Leeming describes of their myths--their creation, hero, afterlife and apocalypse myths, as well as their god and goddesses, sacred places and objects and signs and symbols--how would you characterize the difference between two cultures?

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