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David Adams Leeming
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV: Chapters 1-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Leeming say the Greeks thought of Delphi?
(a) As a tourist destination.
(b) As a business center.
(c) As the center of the world.
(d) As the center of Greek power.

2. Who does Leeming say is the archetypal helper god in the Meso-American pantheon?
(a) Quetzalcoatl.
(b) Ehecatl.
(c) Tlahuizcalpantechtli.
(d) Tezcatlipoca.

3. What evidence does Leeming cite to argue for a single matriarch at the beginning of the Greek pantheon?
(a) Gaia killed her husbands.
(b) Gaia devoured her offspring.
(c) Gaia created her own mate.
(d) Gaia fought to enthrone each of her husbands.

4. How does Leeming define cosmic myth?
(a) Myths that define the constellations.
(b) Myths that define the history of the earth.
(c) Myths that define the order of the world.
(d) Myths that explain the location of different stars.

5. From what language does the term "Cosmogony" derive?
(a) Egyptian.
(b) Urdu.
(c) Gaelic.
(d) Greek.

Short Answer Questions

1. What opposition does Leeming say King Arthur faced in assuming his quest?

2. What does Leeming say the hero does with the things the hero attains in heroic feats?

3. What does Leeming say the Roman pantheon is rife with?

4. What happened after Moses refused the call to his quest?

5. How does Leeming say earth religions still worship the Great Mother?

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