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O'Leary House

Paula lived for many years here with her many siblings, until she could finally get married and leave her family behind.

Spencer House

The first time Paula visited here, she urinated all over the bathroom floor and then cleaned it up, terrified that someone would catch her at it.


As a child, Paula went on only one vacation with her family, to a campground here. Years later, she selected the location for her honeymoon as well.

The Refrigerator in the Field

Mrs. Doyle's granddaughter got trapped in this and died.

Saint Mary's Primary School

This is where Paula learned to enjoy writing.

The Tech

The teachers here were terrible and Paula was always being sexually harassed.

The Frying Pan

Paula used this to beat Charlo until he left the apartment.

The Haven

This is the name of the house that Mr. and Mrs. Fleming lived...

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