The Woman Who Walked Into Doors Character Descriptions

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Paula O'Leary Spencer

This character is an Irish girl with many brothers and sisters, and she grew up watching her father exert tyrannical control over their household.

Charles Charlo Spencer

This character abused his wife for seventeen years before she finally kicked him out.

Carmel O'Leary

This character received more abuse than her siblings from their cruel father.

Nicola Spencer

This character seems to have enough strength to face adulthood and break the cycle of domestic abuse.

John Paul Spencer

This character ran away and lives a life of crime and drugs.

Leanne Spencer

This character is in a good school so that she will not end up like her abused mother.

Jack Spencer

This character's mother reads to him, and delights in his gentle childishness, overjoyed that he will get to grow up without his abusive father in his life.

Paula's Father

This character abused the women...

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