The Woman Who Walked Into Doors Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-7

• A guard comes to Paula's door, and Paula knows that she is about to hear bad news. She says she has had a lot of bad news after the doorbell rang.

• She gets the guard some tea, and they exchange life stories.
• Paula talks about her childhood and how poor they were. They only went on vacation once when she was 13. They went camping, and she let some boys feel her up.

• Her mother taught her about sex by leaving her home from school and telling her about it. When her daughter has her period, she takes her to see Dirty Dancing to teach her about sex.
• Paula and her sisters fight often about the way things were when they were younger. Carmel, the oldest sister, has the least favorable memories that are probably the most accurate.

• Paula lost one sister at a young age when...

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