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Yewande Omotoso
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Marion say when Agnes asked if she could finish her degree?
(a) "I will give you the money."
(b) "You cannot legally finish it."
(c) "You are too old."
(d) "You should go for it."

2. What does the newspaper reveal will happen with the Samsodien’s claim?
(a) They will receive no land.
(b) They will receive some land.
(c) They will get the entirety of the Von Struiker property.
(d) They will owe money to the Von Struikers.

3. What does Hortensia reveal caused her to slap Marion?
(a) Boredom.
(b) Kindness.
(c) Confusion.
(d) Jealousy.

4. Agnes’s attitude towards Marion could best be described as what?
(a) Pitying.
(b) Thankful.
(c) Admiring.
(d) Resentful.

5. When did Hortensia plan to tell Peter about her knowledge of the affair?
(a) On vacation.
(b) In the car.
(c) Never.
(d) At dinner.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Peter’s parents disapprove of their son’s marriage?

2. Why did Agnes take the painting?

3. How long has Bassey been working for Hortensia?

4. What does Marion discover among old papers and maps at the library?

5. Why do Marion and Hortensia agree they do not date?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Hortensia and Peter not have children?

2. How does Marion feel about the torture schematics she finds at the library?

3. How does Agnes ultimately feel about Marion?

4. Why does Hortensia say she does not want to “absolve” Marion?

5. How does architecture tie into Marion’s racism?

6. How does Marion feel to be staying in No. 10 Katterijn Avenue?

7. How does Peter feel about Hortensia’s career?

8. What causes Hortensia to “begin to hate”?

9. Why did Hortensia and Peter’s relationship receive criticism?

10. What does the photograph that covers the stain in Hortensia’s room symbolize?

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