The Woman Next Door Short Essay - Answer Key

Yewande Omotoso
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1. How do Hortensia and Marion first meet?

They meet when Hortensia moves into the neighborhood and visits Marion’s house and asks for details about the community meetings. Marion is very unwelcoming due to Hortensia being black.

2. Why does Beulah Gierdien write a letter to the Katterijn community?

Beulah Gierdien writes a letter with the hope that she will be able to bury her grandmother’s ashes near a tree in Hortensia’s backyard.

3. What is the Samsodien family claiming?

The Samsodien family claims that the Von Struiker family took land from them for an unfair price at the height of Apartheid, and that they now have a right to that land as a form of reparations.

4. Why does Hortensia walk to the Koppie?

Hortensia goes on regular walks to the Koppie as a means of escaping her home life, which is dominated by Peter’s terminal illness and imminent death.

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