The Woman Next Door Fun Activities

Yewande Omotoso
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Write A Letter

Write a letter from one character to another that answers lingering questions or expresses feelings not explicitly discussed in the novel.

Make A Map

Using details from the novel, create a map of the fictional suburb of Katterijn, making sure to include the novel’s many landmarks.

Research A Career

Both Hortensia and Marion are very committed to their careers as a textile designer and architect, respectively. Research one of these careers to find information like average salary, educational requirements, and daily responsibilities.

Create A Soundtrack

Make a playlist of songs that represent different key moments in the novel. Songs should be classroom appropriate.

Switch The Point Of View

Imagine what the novel would have been like if it focused on characters other than Marion and Hortensia. What would the same timeline of events look like from Bassey or Agnes’s perspective?

Create A Social Media Page

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