The Woman Next Door Character Descriptions

Yewande Omotoso
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Hortensia James

This character is an 85-year-old woman and one of the protagonist's of the novel. She is the only black individual to reside in the affluent South African suburb of Katterijn. Her personality is marked by extreme bitterness and a very short temper. Before retiring, she was a textile designer who ran her own firm.

Marion Agostino

This character is an 82-year-old woman and one of the protagonists of the novel. Marion is one of the most popular and recognized women in Katterijn, as she organizes the regular committee meetings that oversee the neighborhood's business. She is prim and proper, but has a deeply-rooted ignorance about race and her own racism. Previously, she was an architect.


At the start of the novel, this character has been Marion's maid of 20 years. She is later fired by Marion due to her bankruptcy and not long after, becomes very sick...

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