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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Walter want to tell Laura of Sir Percival's secret face to face?

2. What power does Count Fosco have over Laura, unless she remarries?

3. At the opera, Walter and Pesca watch Count Fosco from where?

4. When Walter confronts Count Fosco, what does Walter accuse him of?

5. Mrs. Clements was once a neighbor to who?

Short Essay Questions

1. While trying to build a case for Laura, Mrs. Vesey creates what stumbling block for Walter?

2. Why does Count Fosco react with fear at the sight of Pesca?

3. On his visit to Blackwater Park, Walter suspects the man with the carpetbag will attempt what, if given the chance?

4. What activities do Marian and Walter do with Laura to help her recover from her ordeal at the asylum?

5. When Marian is in disbelief at the idea of Count Fosco's admiration, what argument does Walter make?

6. What is Walter's emotional state on his cab ride to confront Count Fosco at his home?

7. Why might Count Fosco recognize Pesca even though Pesca does not recognize him?

8. Count Fosco reveals he was distressed about Anne's death for what reason?

9. Where did Mrs. Clements look for Anne when she disappeared?

10. When Laura told the asylum attendants her true identity, why did they choose to ignore her claims?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Walter and Laura are in love, yet neither have the freedom to be together. Write an essay examining the lack of freedom shared by these two characters.

Essay Topic 2

The characters in "The Woman in White" portray society during the time period of the story. Write a brief essay comparing and contrasting the characters of privilege and the working class in "The Woman in White".

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast the characters Walter and Sir Percival in "The Woman in White".

1) How are the two men similar?

2) How are they different?

3) What are they each fighting for and how does this affect the other?

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