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Short Answer Questions

1. Walter is followed by how many men after he visits the church in Old Welmingham?

2. How much did it cost to get Laura released from the asylum?

3. Walter suspects Count Fosco to be what?

4. Who does Walter attempt to visit in Knowlesbury?

5. Following Sir Percival's death, why does Walter want to marry Laura?

Short Essay Questions

1. Count Fosco reveals he was distressed about Anne's death for what reason?

2. Where did Mrs. Clements look for Anne when she disappeared?

3. Why might Count Fosco recognize Pesca even though Pesca does not recognize him?

4. When Walter visits the church in Old Welmingham, what does he hope to find?

5. Who is Anne's father?

6. What tone is the letter Count Fosco writes to Marian, following Laura's "death"?

7. What surprises Walter when he visits the site of the church fire the following day?

8. When Marian is in disbelief at the idea of Count Fosco's admiration, what argument does Walter make?

9. What does Mrs. Catherick say would surprise her regarding Sir Percival?

10. What happens to Sir Percival when the church is set on fire?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although many of the characters in "The Woman in White" are considered wealthy, many of them suffer due to financial reasons. Write an essay supporting or refuting the following statement: Money traps many of the characters in "The Woman in White".

Essay Topic 2

The author is careful to create characters and settings where mistaken identity is believable. Examine the different aspects that all work together to help the reader believe Laura truly could be mistaken for Anne.

Essay Topic 3

The relationship between Walter and Marian evolves throughout "The Woman in White".

1) What is the history of their relationship?

2) What are their common interests?

3) How does their relationship change over time?

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