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Short Answer Questions

1. Who checked Laura into the asylum?

2. What had Count Fosco planned to do to Anne, if she hadn't died?

3. Why does Solicitor Kyrle give Walter an envelope to give to Marian?

4. What did Count Fosco switch on Laura and Anne, in addition to their identity?

5. While in the asylum, who did Laura claim to be?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who prescribed and delivered the medicine to treat Anne, just before she died?

2. Who did Mrs. Catherick have an affair with and how did it end?

3. Once Sir Percival has died, why does Walter not return to London immediately?

4. What happens to Sir Percival when the church is set on fire?

5. Mrs. Catherick comments she only has to do what to her clothes to enter into mourning for Anne?

6. When Walter first meets with Mrs. Clements, what does she believe about Anne?

7. What activities do Marian and Walter do with Laura to help her recover from her ordeal at the asylum?

8. Why might Count Fosco recognize Pesca even though Pesca does not recognize him?

9. On his visit to Blackwater Park, Walter suspects the man with the carpetbag will attempt what, if given the chance?

10. Once married to Laura, how does Walter first obtain information on Count Fosco?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are several factors that warn the Fairlie's against Laura's union with Sir Percival. Write an essay discussing the various ways the Fairlies were warned against Sir Percival and the factors that prevented them from heading the warning.

Essay Topic 2

Although Sir Percival appears benevolent at the beginning of "The Woman in White", he is proven to be a dangerous and controlling man. Examine the character transformation that takes place for Sir Percival over the course of the story.

1) Who does Sir Percival appear to be at the beginning of the story?

2) How is his true character revealed to the reader? How does he affect other characters?

3) What is the true character of Sir Percival? What does he want?

Essay Topic 3

There are several obstacles for the characters in "The Woman in White" to overcome. Choose a character from the story and write an essay on how he or she is affected by the obstacles faced.

1) What obstacles must this character overcome?

2) In what way do these obstacles force this character to seek out action?

3) How is the character changed do the obstacles faced?

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