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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Anne feel safe revealing Sir Percival's secret to Laura?

2. What type of dog does Laura own?

3. Sir Percival tells the Fairlie's he placed Anne in an asylum for what reason?

4. Who plans to look through letters to discover the identity of the woman in white?

5. What problem develops between Walter and Laura, as they spend time together?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Walter tell his landlord Laura and Marian are his sisters?

2. Why is Laura especially concerned for Marian's health when she falls ill?

3. Why does Sir Percival lie to Laura about sending an ill Marian to London?

4. Where does Walter choose to live with Marian and Laura and why?

5. Why does Pesca feel indebted to Walter?

6. Why does Count Fosco consider Marian a worthy opponent?

7. Why does Walter believe Anne's character judgment against Sir Percival?

8. In the fly on Knowlesbury to London, what does Walter learn from his travel companion?

9. How does Walter react to the news of Laura death?

10. Prior to their marriage, Laura admits that she is in love with another man and gives Sir Percival the option of doing what?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many of the characters in "The Woman in White" take from others to achieve their success. Choosing from one of the following examples to create a supporting argument, examine how greed leads to destruction.

1) Sir Percival's phony title.

2) Count Fosco's betrayal of his secret society.

3) Mrs. Catherick's assistance to Sir Percival at Old Welmingham church.

Essay Topic 2

Social status drives many of the characters in "The Woman in White". Choosing from one of the following examples, examine how a respect for social status was a driving force behind the plot in "The Woman in White".

1) Laura's engagement to Sir Percival.

2) Sir Percival's secret.

3) Walter's struggle for love and success.

Essay Topic 3

The characters in "The Woman in White" portray society during the time period of the story. Write a brief essay comparing and contrasting the characters of privilege and the working class in "The Woman in White".

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