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Short Answer Questions

1. How many dates appear on Laura's headstone?

2. Why does Sir Percival lock Laura in her room?

3. What problem develops between Walter and Laura, as they spend time together?

4. Who is tricked into leaving an ill Marian?

5. When Walter first meets the woman in white, what is she pointing at?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Count Fosco visits Mr. Fairlie, why is he dismissed?

2. How does Walter react to the news of Laura death?

3. When Laura returns from her honeymoon, how has she changed?

4. Why does Count Fosco consider Marian a worthy opponent?

5. Why is Walter upset at the letter he receives from Mrs. Catherick following Sir Percival's death?

6. How does Marian present the news to Mr. Fairlie, regarding Laura's agreement to wed Sir Percival?

7. Why does Walter believe Anne's character judgment against Sir Percival?

8. How does the solicitor feel about Laura's marriage contract?

9. How does Sir Percival convince the Fairlie's he acted responsibly by putting Anne into the asylum?

10. Why does Pesca feel indebted to Walter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the character of Pesca.

1) What is his physical description?

2) What is his relationship with Walter Hartright?

3) What does he represent?

Essay Topic 2

It is said that the character Laura resembles Anne. Write an essay comparing and contrasting these two characters.

1) How are these characters similar?

2) How are they different?

3) Why is the comparison made?

Essay Topic 3

Although many of the characters in "The Woman in White" are considered wealthy, many of them suffer due to financial reasons. Write an essay supporting or refuting the following statement: Money traps many of the characters in "The Woman in White".

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