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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Second Epoch: The Story continued by Frederick Fairlie, Esq., of Limmeridge House.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Marian's diary, she mentions a letter in which Walter suspects he is what?
(a) A pawn in a larger game.
(b) Being followed.
(c) Destined to die alone.
(d) Sick with a terminal disease.

2. What does Laura place in a drawing album for Marian to one day give to Walter?
(a) A signed portrait.
(b) A letter of gratitude.
(c) Several thousand pounds.
(d) A lock of hair.

3. As it rains, where does Marian hide in order to spy on Sir Percival and Count Fosco?
(a) In Count Fosco's closet.
(b) The boat house.
(c) Under a tree.
(d) The roof.

4. Sir Percival comments his lake is too shallow to what?
(a) Drown someone.
(b) Go boating with Laura.
(c) Swim.
(d) Fish.

5. What physical characteristic is unusual about Pesca?
(a) His bald head.
(b) His eye color.
(c) His small size.
(d) His right leg.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Walter first meets the woman in white, what is she pointing at?

2. What coastline does Walter Hartright awaken to at Limmeridge House?

3. What does Marian reveal to Walter, regarding Laura and Sir Percival?

4. What advises Laura to be wary of Sir Percival?

5. What type of dog does Laura own?

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