Objects & Places from The Woman in White

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The Asylum, London

This is where Sir Percival places both Laura and Anne, at separate times.

Blackwater Park, Hampshire

This is an estate in disrepair overlooking a stagnant lake.


The hunt for this allows Laura to meet Anne.

Fosco's House, London

This is the location of Anne's death.

Gower's Walk, Fulham

This is where Walter, Laura, and Marian seek refuge following Anne's death.

Laura's sketchbook

This is kept under a pillow and eventually given to Marian.

Law Office of Gilmore and Kyrle, Chancery-lane, London

This company is commissioned by the Fairlies.

Limmeridge Church cemetery

This is where Laura, Marian, and Walter are reunited.

Limmeridge House, Cumberland

Laura and Marian were raised here.

Mark of the Brotherhood

This symbol represents membership within a secret society.

The Opera House, London

Pesca attempts to identify Count Fosco at this location.

Todd's Corner, Cumberland

Anne hides here after escaping the asylum...

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