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Essay Topic 1

The format of "The Woman in White" is unique. Examine the purpose of this format, using the following questions as prompts.

1) What is unique about the format of "The Woman in White"?

2) According to the Preamble, why is the story told in this fashion?

3) What does the reader gain from this format?

Essay Topic 2

The characters in "The Woman in White" portray society during the time period of the story. Write a brief essay comparing and contrasting the characters of privilege and the working class in "The Woman in White".

Essay Topic 3

It is said that the character Laura resembles Anne. Write an essay comparing and contrasting these two characters.

1) How are these characters similar?

2) How are they different?

3) Why is the comparison made?

Essay Topic 4

There are several factors that warn the Fairlie's against Laura's union with Sir Percival. Write an essay discussing the various...

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