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Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname does Anna's husband Ed call her?

2. In the opening scene, Anna watches as her neighbor leads a man with what job into the guest bedroom of her townhome?

3. What type of object is the item Dr. Fielding refers to as Anna's "secret weapon"? (31)

4. Though David has been Anna's tenant for two months, what action has she never seen him take?

5. What event had scared Olivia on the drive to the ski resort in Vermont?

Short Essay Questions

1. What details does Anna reveal about the extent of her agoraphobia during her description of the umbrella, which her psychiatrist calls her secret weapon?

2. What is symbolized by Ed's toolbox within the narrative?

3. How would you characterize the relationship between Anna and her physical therapist Bina?

4. Why does Anna let Ethan inside when he rings her doorbell, even though she has not bathed in days and she believes that her cat may bite a stranger?

5. What is ironic about Anna's advice to the members of the agoraphobia support forum that they should never mix their medications with alcohol?

6. How is foreshadowing used in Chapter 21 when Anna is talking to Ed and is interrupted by the sounds of someone downstairs?

7. How does the opening scene of the novel demonstrate the theme of voyeurism?

8. What traits of Anna's character are shown when Ethan shows up at her door for the second time?

9. What theme is depicted within Anna's interactions with Lizzie?

10. What is the relationship between Anna and Olivia and how would you characterize it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Trace the characterization arc of Anna’s character throughout the novel. Discuss whether she is a round or flat character and whether she is a static or dynamic character.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss how the themes of truth and lies are interwoven within the novel’s narrative.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the author's use of a confessional tone in relating the narrative of The Woman in the Window.

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