The Woman in Cabin 10 Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Ware, Ruth
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Essay Topic 1

In the first chapter, Lo's reactions to stress are shown in italics. Why do you think the author chose to write in this style? How do the italics guide the reader through Lo's fears?

Essay Topic 2

Lo lists the items in her purse that are missing. What is the significance of her medication being gone and why may she be defensive about it? Why do you think the author makes a point of showing Lo take her pills?

Essay Topic 3

Lo will be cruising on a maiden voyage. Historically, maiden voyages are superstitious. Hypothesize why the author would choose for the ship to be on it's first time out to sea and what this point could be foreshadowing.

Essay Topic 4

Lo describes Judah as looking like an angry hawk when he is sleeping. At this point, the reader does not know much about Judah's personality. Expound...

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