The Wolf and the Dove Short Essay - Answer Key

Kathleen Woodiwiss
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1. How does THE WOLF AND THE DOVE begin?

Aislinn's family home, Darkenwald, is attacked by the Normans under the leadership of Ragnor de Marte. The story opens with Aislinn fighting the fact that she has a rope tied around her neck with the other end held by Ragnor. Her mother, Maida, is being forced to serve the conquerors as are two of the family servants.

2. What does Aislinn recall about the events that took place regarding the invasion of Darkenwald?

She thinks back to the events that put her in this position - Ragnor and his men arriving at Darkenwald, the herald reading a list of incredible demands to Aislinn's father, including that the family of the manor be branded as slaves and held to ensure the cooperation of the people, her father's sword lashing out and beheading the herald, and Ragnor's retaliation that included the death of Aislinn's father and several servants.

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