The Wolf and the Dove Quiz | Eight Week Quiz B

Kathleen Woodiwiss
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chaptesrs 5 through 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Kerwick try to kill Wulfgar?
(a) Wulfgar pulls Aislinn to him.
(b) Wulfgar kills Aislinn.
(c) Wulfgar gives Aislinn to Ragnor.
(d) Wulfgar kisses Aislinn.

2. Who is Aislinn's mother?
(a) Maude.
(b) Maida.
(c) Maeve.
(d) Martha.

3. For what reason does Wulfgar threaten to have Aislinn lashed?
(a) If she tries to escape.
(b) If she cuts her hair.
(c) If she uses a weapon.
(d) If she goes to Kerwick.

4. What does Kerwick pretend in front of Wulfgar?
(a) That he is dead.
(b) That he is wounded.
(c) That he doesn't understand the language.
(d) That he is a friend.

5. Ainslinn tends to a wound on Wulfgar's __________.
(a) Arm.
(b) Head.
(c) Leg.
(d) Neck.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what topic do Aislinn and Wulfgar argue?

2. Wulfgar sees an old woman who is mourning the death of her ______________.

3. To whom is Aislinn betrothed but must hide her feelings to keep him safe?

4. What/who does Kerwick think Aislinn should have chosen instead of Wulfgar?

5. What do Wulfgar and Ragnor argue about in front of the other men?

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