The Wolf and the Dove Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

Kathleen Woodiwiss
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14 and 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Aislinn's relationship to Wulfgar now?
(a) Slave.
(b) Mistress.
(c) Wife.
(d) Bethrothed.

2. Which of the following people does NOT accompany the one-armed man?
(a) Sanhurst.
(b) Milderd.
(c) Helgor.
(d) Haylan.

3. Who does Wulfgar warn Aislinn about?
(a) Ham.
(b) Sven.
(c) Kerwick.
(d) Ragnor.

4. Why does Kerwick try to kill Wulfgar?
(a) Wulfgar kills Aislinn.
(b) Wulfgar pulls Aislinn to him.
(c) Wulfgar kisses Aislinn.
(d) Wulfgar gives Aislinn to Ragnor.

5. Who is the leader of the Normans?
(a) Ragnor de Martini.
(b) Ragnor de Marte.
(c) Roger de Marte.
(d) Rancid de Marte.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Gwyneth quarrel resulting in banishment from the castle?

2. Who is the story's main female character?

3. What does Maida rant about after her husband is buried?

4. Which of the following is NOT a message Wulfgar sends to Aislinn via Milderd?

5. Who is Aislinn's mother?

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