Objects & Places from The Wolf and the Dove

Kathleen Woodiwiss
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Aislinn's home.


The village next to Aislinn's manor. The village and Darkenwald are given to Wulfgar by King William.

Stamford Bridge

Where Thomas was wounded, making it impossible for him to continue with his troops.


Where Wulfgar's younger brother was killed by the Normans.

The Hun

Wulfgar's large warhorse.


Where Ragnor takes letters to William's ships and where he meets his uncle, Cedric, who berates him on his actions and his failure to secure lands for his family.

The Marsh

An area near Darkenwald where Aislinn collects mud for Bolsgar's wounded leg.


Where Ragnor and Vachel ride near the Saxon village, luring the villagers out and prompting the attack on Wulfgar's men. Wulfgar later burns the village, leaving the people some of their possessions and all the food with only the church for shelter.


Where William is to be crowned on Christmas...

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