The Wolf and the Dove Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kathleen Woodiwiss
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Chapters 1 through 4

• Aislinn is an Anglo-Saxon princess whose English home, Darkenwald, is attacked under the leadership of Ragnor de Marte and his cousin, Vachel, who state they are claiming the castle in the name of Wulfgar.

• Aislinn's father and several servants have been killed when they refused to acquiesce to Ragnor's demands.

• Aislinn and her mother are taken as slaves and Ragnor rapes Aislinn.

• Aislinn's mother, Maida, tries to convince Aislinn to escape but she will not leave until the dead are properly buried.
• Wulfgar arrives when Aislinn is burying her father and states that he will one day have her in his bed.

• Wulfgar berates Ragnor for taking the castle by force with unnecessary killing.

• Aislinn tries to seek comfort from Kerwick, her fiance, but Maida advises against it since both Ragnor and Wulfgar want Aislinn and Kerwick could be killed.

• Wulfgar demands that Aislinn choose between...

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