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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following was NOT a candidate to marry King Henry after Queen Jane died?
(a) Charles V's sister.
(b) A Portugese princess.
(c) The Duchess of Milan.
(d) The French King's cousins.

2. What about Anne's personality quickly began to irritate the King after they married?
(a) Her scheming.
(b) Her temper tantrums.
(c) Her naivete.
(d) Her prudishness.

3. What were the religious rebellions which occurred after Henry married Jane Seymour provoked by?
(a) Henry's marriage to Jane.
(b) An attack by the French.
(c) Henry's dissolution of monasteries.
(d) Henry's decision to raise taxes.

4. In what month did Anne Boleyn and Henry marry?
(a) July.
(b) April.
(c) January.
(d) October.

5. After banishing Catherine of Aragon, what did Henry attempt to get world leaders to accept?
(a) Catherine of Aragon as an adulterer.
(b) Anne Boleyn as his consort.
(c) Henry as a religious leader.
(d) A multi-nation treaty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What added urgency to Henry's need to divorce Catherine of Aragon in 1532?

2. To which of Henry's wives was Katherine Howard related?

3. What did Henry claim about the appearance of Anna of Cleves' nude body?

4. Where did Henry go after seeing Catherine of Aragon for the last time?

5. How old was Henry when he married Katherine Howard?

Short Essay Questions

1. What occurred on May 17th, 1536?

2. What was supposed to occur in the summer of Jane and Henry's first year of marriage? Why was it canceled?

3. How did Queen Jane die?

4. What was Henry's opinion of Anna of Cleves after meeting her for the first time?

5. After Queen Jane's death, what was the goal of Henry's advisors as they searched for his next wife?

6. What did Anne and Henry name their firstborn child together? What caught everyone by surprise when this baby was born?

7. How did Henry deal with Catherine of Aragon every time she attempted to fight for her marriage? During this time, what did Henry prevent Catherine from doing?

8. What did Henry offer Anna of Cleves in order to end their marriage?

9. When did King Henry and Anne Boleyn get married? What did they tell others?

10. Who testified against Anne Boleyn in her trial? Who provided some of the most damning testimony?

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