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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interest did Henry have in Charles of Austria?
(a) He wanted Charles to marry his daughter.
(b) He wanted Charles to sign a treaty.
(c) He wanted Charles to invest in his new fleet of ships.
(d) He wanted to learn more about Austria's religion.

2. What was the result of Catherine of Aragon's first pregnancy?
(a) Twin girls.
(b) A stillborn baby girl.
(c) A stillborn baby boy.
(d) A healthy baby girl.

3. One of the individuals whom Henry considered betrothing his daughter to was ___________.
(a) The Prince of Greece.
(b) The King of Scots.
(c) The King of Portugal.
(d) The Prince of France.

4. Why was Henry particularly happy about his child born in 1516?
(a) The baby was a girl.
(b) The baby was a boy.
(c) The baby was healthy.
(d) The baby had auburn hair.

5. Who was a marriage prospect that was considered for Anne?
(a) Sir Robert Kett.
(b) Sir Piers Butler.
(c) Sir John Cheke.
(d) Sir Henry Sidney.

6. Why do historians wonder why Henry VIII married Catherine of Aragon?
(a) She was still very much in love with Arthur.
(b) She was much older than he was.
(c) Their marriage contract was never completed.
(d) He loved another woman.

7. At the tribunal in 1529, what did Catherine claim about King Henry?
(a) He was not Henry Fitzroy's true father.
(b) Anne Boleyn had encouraged Henry to divorce her.
(c) He was not a man of God.
(d) He knew she was a virgin when they married.

8. What did Catherine of Aragon deny about her marriage to Arthur until her death?
(a) It was consummated.
(b) It was based on love.
(c) It was illegal.
(d) It was not consummated.

9. What was the name of Henry VII's wife?
(a) Elizabeth of York.
(b) Catherine of York.
(c) Anne of York.
(d) Mary of York.

10. Whom did Henry have a son with in 1519?
(a) Bessie Bandings.
(b) Bessie Bibbs..
(c) Bessie Blount.
(d) Bessie Blander.

11. What was the large gathering which took place in 1520 called?
(a) The Valley of Silver Armor.
(b) The Desert of White Cotton.
(c) The Forest of Woolen Bronz.
(d) The Field of Cloth of Gold.

12. After how many days did Catherine of Aragon and Henry's firstborn son die?
(a) Thirty days.
(b) Seventeen days.
(c) Eighty days.
(d) Fifty-two days.

13. What does the author claim about much of what is widely-believed about Henry VIII's wives?
(a) It is historically wrong.
(b) It is accurate.
(c) It is the tip of the iceberg of what is actually known about them.
(d) It is uninteresting.

14. Where was Catherine crowned Queen of England?
(a) Westminster Abbey.
(b) Windsor Castle.
(c) The Tower of London.
(d) Buckingham Palace.

15. How big was the age difference between Henry's daughter and Charles of Austria?
(a) Fourteen years.
(b) Twenty years.
(c) Thirty-two years.
(d) Nineteen years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Henry interpret a Bible passage to mean about his marriage?

2. Which nations were involved in the gathering which took place in 1520?

3. At the same time that Henry sought a divorce from Catherine of Aragon, what was troubling parliament?

4. What helped Anne Boleyn's father make a name for himself?

5. What did Catherine of Aragon continue to do for Henry though he sought a divorce?

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